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Thursday, January 15, 2009
Ps.29:18 "Where there is no vision" is best translated "revelation" or "preaching of Word," NOT "vision" as in 5-yr. plan says Dr.Walter Kaiser

via Len Sweet.


  1. How would one understand it any other way? Or is the church so indistinguishable from business in some parts?

  2. Toni: I would say "Yes" to your second question.
    Randall: I was worried when I saw the title to this post. Like the quote, though.

    I hear "it's better translated" so often, I wonder why these things are not translated the better way in the first place. That's where the human interpretive element comes into play in translation.

  3. Interesting how the KJV is rooted in our memory, even in post-KJV generations.

    I looked up this verse in several translations:

    - NIV & TNIV have it "revelation"
    - ESV has "vision" but prefaces it with "prophetic", which I think makes a difference (NRSV has just "prophecy")
    - NLT has "where people do not accept divine guidance"
    - even the NKJV has "revelation" (I've always found it quite similar to the NIV)

    Seems most modern translations have it right according to Dr. Walter Kaiser. This kind of negates my previous comment.

    (Couldn't help myself. This interests me.)

  4. Len goofed -- Proverbs 29:18 -- not "Ps 29:18"

  5. Ah, nice catch Brad.

    And yes Toni, I gotta confess where I usually hear that phrase in church organizations, "Where there is no vision..." is when the visionaries are about to tell the rest that there is a new direction coming.

    It's like permission for Type-A personalities to just go for it.
    (...not that there's anything wrong with being a Type-A)

    And Marc... ye for whom this is of interest.

    I have a couple of passages that need some "Work" before Sunday. Want to have a go?



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