The Sun Began To Rain

A thief fell out of heaven with some loaded dice
But the lamb rolled a seven back to paradise.
The bread was finally leavened so I had a slice
And the sun began to rain.

Water swelled from fountains and then turned to wine,
Rocks fell from the mountains in a chorus line;
He came in tails and top hat and He looked so fine,
And the Son began to reign.

A fox snuck in to steal away the grapes,
But the man who ran the vineyard closed the gate,
So he could not escape.

And now we'll live forever in another land,
Everything is happening like it first was planned.
Did you get your invitation to come play in the band
And let the Son begin to reign.

Larry Norman

You just don't get songs like that these days.
Well, maybe you do, I just wanted to sound like my grandpa.

Since iTunes made its tunes DRM Free and improved the quality, I've been looking around. Back through my history and memory, back through the songs I listened to in the late 70's and 80's.

I've been looking for this Larry Norman CD for a while now, "In Another Land." And there it was, waiting safely for me after all these years.

I quickly and figuratively slapped down my nine bucks, and in moments I had the whole cd, all 14 tunes.

Tonight I finally had time to listen. I got a good seat, good earbuds, and closed my eyes for an emotional trip through my history. Back to Bible school, and friends I had made there. Back to my dorm room where I listened at full volume. Some songs even triggered unique memories of instances where I was listening, and some person would come by and listen and chat.

I was smiling like a fool, with my eyes closed.

This, is so good.


  1. Ah, Larry Norman, the Christian Mick Jagger.

    I never caught much of his stuff - in this country in the late 70s he had somewhat faded, and Cliff Richard was covering his songs. I did see a video of him in concert and it looked like he was doing a good show.

  2. I know what you are talking about - I still have my old Larry Norman LPs, and sometimes I indulge in a trip down memory lane.
    "In Another Land" is a fine album, right up there with "Only Visiting This Planet".


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