Waking up is hard to do.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
I lay in bed early this morning listening to the sounds of CBC Edmonton tell me that the temperature outside was already as warm as it would get today. I was dragging my feet, not wanting to face the day.

I realized that in olden times, pre three months ago, when I was getting up early and finding motivation tough to source, I could trick myself into getting up by telling myself that I would stop for a coffee and bagel on the way in to the office.

Then I'd go and bring my latest Classic FM CD with me and a newspaper and get the two required food items and install myself at a corner table, crank up the music in my ears, and read.

On days when I felt particularly lonely or disconnected from the human race, I'd sit there drinking my coffee, listening to tunes or the news in my ears, and I'd watch people. People watching is one of my very favourite things to do, although I don't think that officially its a hobby. That would probably be considered stalking.

But this morning in my bed I couldn't sell myself on the value of getting up and going straight to the office, so I dawdled and dragged, and here I am.

And, on this day at least, life took pity on my. I got to people watch as a highway grader operator got stuck on the front patch of the church yard for about half an hour, and swore his way out of the problem.


Life in the field.


  1. Yep
    people watching is a very good hobby to have.

    it's called watching the world go by.


  2. So, are all those webcams you link to not a substitute for fleshly people watching ?!

    But, I get the whole newspaper, coffee, people watching thing, sometimes wide open spaces just don't do it do they ?


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