What? It's Saturday night again?

Well, yes I can say that it has indeed been a very full week around here, and my online activity has been very minimal. I suppose that's been more about survival mode than anything else.

It's been a week of prayer here at church. We kind of start off the year with that foundation, and it's good and it's been busy trying to learn how they manage that week here, while trying to plan and lead it and to give it my own spin. I've really wanted this week to not be the same each night, so I've been a bit creative. Maybe by next year we can explore even some bigger creative prayer ideas, see where that goes.

As a result, I haven't been online too much. However, throughout the week a good number of you have been prayed for, at various times as God reminded me of you.

And so it's Saturday night again, and I to take a few moments to finally be ready for tomorrow morning.


Yeah, a plain post. Consider it more of an "I'm still alive" post.


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