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Saturday, January 24, 2009
The guys are out there this morning, at -30C, digging the grave for the funeral on Monday.

Digging a grave.

In the ebb and flow of pastoral work, it seems like the week has been a real crazy week.

So I'm in the office, getting ready for our church Annual Meeting this afternoon. Then probably tonight I need to look at what I want to talk about tomorrow morning. Then tomorrow afternoon I'll work on the funeral which will happen Monday.

Monday night I'll take some time off.
That's just what it is for this week.

And truthfully there is a part of me that loves the stress of a busy time like this.
I think it may be the broken part of me, but hey there you go. Not even the pastor is perfect.

Anyway, here's to the guys out there digging a hole for their friend who's been around here since 1923. Would that we all had friends like that when we go.

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  1. What an amazing image of Grace.

    And I will say a prayer for strength for you.


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