Alright then

Monday, February 09, 2009
...I'm sick.

Posting from bed trying to rest a bit, with sore throat, aching muscles, coughing, sneezing, it's all gross right now.

The day started not too bad, but has gone down hill all day.

So I've been taking it easy.

Nice to be sick on my day off. At least I stand a chance of improvement by tomorrow.

If not, I might miss prayer time early tomorrow guys.



  1. Oh no! I hope you get some rest and get feeling better soon. Take care. And we'll see you in a week or so!

  2. What no sermon? No pictures? you're slacking on us !!! Feel better...

    I hope Chicago was a good time.


  3. Ah pictures coming, as is the sermon.


    Gladly this thing didn't start to effect me till yesterday afternoon. So Chicago was great.

  4. Sounds like you've got what I've got. I hope I didn't pass a virus on to you - funny thing this internet ;)

  5. what you need is "hot lemon, honey and a tot of good whiskey" all in the same cup at the same time, topped up with hot water.

    it works wonders...

  6. Ian - and that might be enough to just keep the pastor staggering in to work when he should be recuperating in bed. :)


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