Anyone in SASKATCHEWAN want to buy a minivan?

Monday, February 16, 2009
So I had an idea this morning.

I have our 1998 Plymouth Voyager van here which I purchased a year ago for a couple grand, and in order to get it licensed here in Alberta, it has to go through a certification process.

Now, I really like, love the van and it's given us no trouble all year, but to have it licensed here would cost a dollar or two. Since it's  a bit over 300,000 kms on the engine, it's getting to the place where I'm not sure I want to dump a whole lot of cash on it to get it certified.

It could use a new windshield, and it seems to have a slow leak of oil somewhere in the engine. The check engine light is on which probably means get the oil changed, but like I said, for all the driving around the two provinces we've done this year it's not given us an ounce of trouble.

I realized this morning that the insurance runs out next week, and since there are some friends coming out this weekend, if there were someone who was interested I could ship it home, (Back to Sask.) on the weekend.

I figure getting it back and in use in Saskatchewan would be better than having it sit in my driveway, uninsured. I like it too much to let it sit and die a slow death.

So, anybody want it?

$500 or best offers?

Email for more information. randallfriesen at gmail dot com

And here are a few pics I have taken of it over the year.




  1. I love how many pictures you have of your van -- in different scenarios too. :) I'll tell Ang about the van, since their car got totaled off just hours ago.

  2. Yeah, I was going to say that this montage looked like a memory sequence of adventures you and your van have had. A love story in three pictures.


  3. I think it could sell for more than $500. I'd be willing to try selling it for you here in P.A.


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