blogging from Macys

Been a great week so far. Great worship and speakers (can you say Phyllis Tickle??)
And connections.

Now we are getting a bite at Macys, then on to Andys Jazz Club for some sweet noise.

Hope you all are well too.

Over and out.


  1. Thinking of you guys in the (cold) Windy City. Enjoy your night on the town. The tunes will be sooooo sweet..........

  2. I was sitting across from you in the seminar yesterday morning. . .

  3. Man, the Covenant should get with it and provide wifi so all the pastors could sit there and blog what is happening live to those of us not so fortunate as to be there. What wonderful podcasts we would enjoy.

  4. I know it's horrible isn't it, Linea? I think I'm going through withdrawal. Um... I mean... withdrawal.

  5. Dan! I thought that was you. You disapeared too quickly and I couldn't find you after. It was good to "see" you.

  6. I got waylaid talking to Stan Friedman. Oddly, Eugene Cho came by, and in our conversation he made a similar comment to the suggestion of Linea up there - that all of us Covenant bloggers ought to have a feed into the Covenant website, sharing all that we're learning and experiencing and hearing throughout the week.

  7. It was good to bump into Eugene there too. I'm glad he made it.

    In terms of wifi that place was tighter than tight, unless you wanted to spend money, which I didn't. It would be helpful for them to give us access to the net, and blogging from the event would be great.

    The other thing I'd love is if we were able to have the video or at least the audio available free, online. I'd be willing to pay a few bucks more for registration if that was openly available to the net.

    Anyway, it was good to "See" you there.
    Maybe next year a lunch or some such thing...

    Hey, maybe next year Brad will be back in town. We could go find that steak and shake again...


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