A Good Day

While it's certainly not yet over I want to note that this day has been, for lack of a better understanding, a grace filled day. It has felt enveloped and covered by a gracious presence, which makes me smile.

From early rising for prayer this morning, through some surprises with local ministerial meetings this afternoon, the covering has remained.

It's effect has not been lost on me, in fact there are things I need to explore in times like this.

But best of all it allows me to be a better me, with grace for others to be who they are, and clarity about what I am to do and what I need to leave alone.

The resulting effect is that in moments where I care for others, I am able to be fully present and hearing well the spirits prompting.


and that's just good.

thank you...

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  1. Your opening lines gave me a heart-stopping moment. Having just seen some good friends that helped plant a church in France fall apart due to adultery, it seemed you were about to announce something similar. I thank God it was quite the opposite.

    May you have many more days like this and no further similar post introductions.


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