Sunday in The Field

Sunday, February 15, 2009
Late in the afternoon today when we got home from church, and sat down for a few moments, Lauralea and I talked about going into town to catch a movie; something we have not done much of while here in the field. But, she was tired so she lay down for an hour, and after she got up and was creating some scones and tea for supper, I faded into a hard nap too. So we'll try another day for that movie.

We had some of Lauralea's friends from Prince Albert over for the weekend. It was really neat, that they came all that way to hang out with her. I mean yes Ikea was a partial motivator too, but they came to see where she lives now, and that just is a good friendship.

So it's been a good weekend, though she is some tired. Tomorrow school is closed for a Family Day holiday, so Micah won't have to get up early to be in school. That pleases Lauralea no end which I understand. Hopefully she can sleep in a bit.

It was a good morning in church today. We had a blast with the little kids playing instruments during worship, got some news on our missions team down in Ecuador right now, got an update from our youth and family pastor, and the sermon really was moving for me. It challenged me again about how well I am loved and the good shepherds agenda to pursue the one, leaving the 99 others behind. I need to care more like that too.  Really quite moving actually.

So this week I'm hopeful that I can catch up on what I lost last week with the flu.

We'll see.

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  1. We had yesterday evening free in an unusual turn of events, so Chris wondered if we might watch a movie together. Then we discovered someone we knew a little had just been dumped by her boyfriend, and she was alone and miserable.

    Not a bad way to spend the evening though.


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