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Saturday, February 14, 2009
So this morning my wife is off into the wilds of Ikea with some of her home and school friends from Prince Albert and it being the day of LOVE I thought I'd send a nice sentimental message to her mobile phone.

I thought, good on me, expressing my love in such a web 2.0 manner.

And, her response?

"Thanks. Just leaving the antique store. That table I like is still there. I still think we should buy it."

Thanks? I bare my soul and I get a Thanks??

Happy Valentines day to me then.


And then it gets better. Next message:

"At Safeway could you get: 2L skim milk, loaf white bread, bag of salad. I think that's all."

Oh, this gets better and better. Safeway.

I go back to my work, love frustrated. Then a few moments later the phone buzzes again, maybe now she will say something sentimental...

"And some fresh mushrooms, maybe 20. thanks. :)"

Are you serious??? Fresh mushrooms???

Good grief. Love is in the air around here.

I return to work. Alone.


15 minutes later, a final message comes through. My heart is ready for it this time. What's next, mustard? Celery salt? Feminine hygiene products? nothing will surprise me now.

"And maybe a garlic. The one in the fridge is growing roots."


Of course.

It's not love in the air today baby. It's garlic.


  1. As long as you BOTH get the garlic then romance can flourish later.


  2. Just another day my friend. Very nice supper coming here, but just another day.

  3. A day in the long continuum of love.


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