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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Well, we've had a good chunk of snow fall today and the overcast, cold dreariness outside has matched the inside the past two days I admit. It leads to all kinds of frustrations, miss-communications and squabbles like we haven't had for a while. But today brought a bit of good news which helped to lift the clouds a bit. Lauralea is now an official person in Alberta. Her medical and thus her drivers license were handed to her with high honour this afternoon, so she feels less like a non person again. That is good.

I was thinking this morning at whatever 5 am time it was and I couldn't clear my baggy, bleary eyes enough to see which orifice to stick my toothbrush in, that this middle age thing is hard to do. I don't have the energy or motivation I used to have, and so I require more sit and think time than I ever did before. It's like life is slowing down around me, body, mind, and soul, and I don't bounce back as easily as I used to.


Now, that I can put up with, it just honestly gets scary sometimes when we remember that we still have a few dreams of our own to chase down in this life yet, and it feels like the energy and strength required to chase those dreams is slowly ebbing away, and with it goes our hopes and a few plans.

In one sense we fear loosing those dreams to poor health, while in another sense some of our dreams are being answered right here in The Field.

Isn't that life?  Caught between the here and now and the yet to come. Living life fully today while holding on to a few dreams not yet seen.

Yeah, it is life, and it's good to have dreams and hopes and to learn the discipline of living in the present. Because if you live only down the road a ways, you will miss all the gifts that today has for you.

There you go. If there is a lesson required for today, that is it.

Gotta get home now. Crepes for supper, then a meeting tonight and the week is in full swing.


  1. I'm there too - must be a wrong end of being 40 thing.

  2. My mom used to refer to the "good ol' days" a lot when I was growing up. Now she spends a lot of time reminding me that these are the "good ol' days."

    Being caught between the here and now and yet to come... we're supposed to hope and we're supposed to live in the moment and we're supposed to learn from the past...


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