The Unseen Effects of Prayer

Sunday, February 01, 2009
Well here is this morning's offering of loaves and fishes.
May God do with it what he wishes.

This is the last in the series on Prayer that I've been looking at for the past month. It's also the end of my trial of posting these Sunday morning talks online.

So that's where I could use some direction.

My ongoing concern is that the words that are spoken here are done so within a certain unique context that might be quite different from where you are at. If you think they should remain within the local context because they are "Local" sermons, then fine no problem, lets do that.

However, if it's something that you found helpful or useful, why not drop me a line here at covrev AT gmail DOT com. Tell me what you think.

We might continue to run them online, even for our local people here who like to listen during the week. In that case we might host them elsewhere.

But do talk back. I'm not looking for huge affirmation here or for a review of my hermeneutic skills. I do really see them as a small, simple offering, that God may use how he wishes.

Now, to todays offering.
What if your prayers could effect kingdoms and rulers and unseen worlds, and all you had to do was learn how to pray deeper, longer prayers?

We get a rare glimpse behind the prayer curtain when Daniel has an amazing experience.

Listen here:


  1. I loaded the whole thing and am not getting any sound. I brought up radio, you tube etc and their audio works flawlessly. Any suggestions?

  2. It's coming through on my computer. It seems to be using QuickTime Player...

  3. hmm, seems to be working here on different computers Christy.
    What about the volume on your Quicktime or whatever is trying to play the audio?

    Or you could right click on the link, save it, then play it with whatever you like.

    Let me know.

  4. I think you should keep on, keeping on. That your preaching may have a local feel to it is alright. You are preaching from a certain location and you talk about local things. That doesn't mean we out here can't take away that which you are saying. I enjoy your postings and your sermons. Keep on Keeping on...

    p.s. you are one of few preachers who makes available his sermons online in my preacher circle.

  5. I needed that reminder today to keep on praying for my kids and for my friends kids and for the places I pray for - like the Congo - that seem so lost and at times without hope.

    I know I've heard this one before but I needed to hear it again.

  6. I have not taken the opportunity to listen to all of them yet (although I intend to); but I enjoyed hearing you. In fact as I have reflected on it this morning, perhaps when we settle into our new post I will endeavor to begin posting my sermons online.

    That thought is a little scary as I am not the best orator around and I sometimes lean heavily on visuals in powerpoint but I think that perhaps my fear in sharing them is why I should think about doing it. Preaching exposes a part of yourself and that feeling of vulnerability has prevented me up to now from posting them (that I and I'm not sure how I would actually record them...)

    Sometimes as preachers we need to hear other sermons to remember what listening to a sermon is like. You are providing that for some of us who like you are trying each week to bring God's word to those people he's given us to care for.

    That's my two cents.

  7. The first week I burned to CD and listened to on a very snowy drive from Nashville to Knoxville - I listened twice in fact since I kept getting distracted by the lack of traction and listened to certain parts several times. Last week I took all 3 and put them on my Zune (making a podcast, of sorts!) and played them in the car also. I feel that what I heard is easily applicable in my own life.

    I am the webmaster for our church and I post mp3's of sermons every week, but our sermons are so "structured". They easily go with powerpoints because they are along the lines of a lecture with brief moments of conversation. I don't feel that is the most effective way to reach people but we are a church somewhat bound by "tradition". Honestly, it is a struggle some days.

    On the other hand, you seem to be having, primarily, a conversation with the church while speaking. You're not preaching "at them", nor talking down to them. When you write here, we are part of a larger audience - not bound by location or circumstance - but still bound by the same faith (or the desire for that faith) which to me is a much grander "unifier" (if that is a word - sounds like a word George Bush would make up!) and many times I feel I can personally relate to or learn from what you share with us.

    The impact you can make here may not return the same "proof of results" as witnessing the impact you can make in person one on one, but I can assure you that the results can be just as great.

    To make a short story long - keep it up. Where ever the audio is posted, I will continue to listen.


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