Yes Internets, I think I am going to have a bath

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
I had my first bath here the other night and it was, well, it was good.

Now, my masculine side needs you to know that there were no candles involved or soft music or such things. I did have NPR playing on the radio but it was an interview program, so I'm ok there.

But it was good.

I've always enjoyed having a bath as opposed to showering, but the bath I lived with in our old house was considerably less hospitable to this 6' 3", 200 and something something guy, than the present house bathtub.

There is room in this thing to stretch out a bit, and the back is properly sloped to not cut into the top of my back. Sweet. The hollow of my back just nicely suctions me in place and I don't slide about. Again I say, sweet.

So dear internets, that is where I shall be for the next few moments before I fall into bed, exhausted after the day. Please do not call.


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  1. Ya, I've had a couple baths at home here since using your bathtub, and your bathtub is so much better. Now I feel all crunched up in my bathtub, legs bent, etc. Oh well, at least it's better than the one at the old house where my pregnant belly would stick out the top. So enjoy it. And light that candle. It is infinitely more relaxing.


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