Day off

Monday, March 30, 2009
It's tough to explain but sometimes a day off is just spent waiting for the next day so you can get back at it again. That is, unless you have something to distract yourself with. Today there were no big distractions, well, except for the headache.

This headache has been hounding me for a week now and I'm not a headache guy, so I'm sucking on Tylenol.

Anyway, Corner Gas is on in a moment, so that's a good thing.

Off to finish the day off.


  1. You should try going for a massage. Depending what is causing the headache, massage can be really helpful.

  2. Good idea Angie, i was actually thinking of that in the midst of some pain today, but wondering where to even start with that.

    I'll ask around a bit, hopefully i don't have to go far for it.


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