Did I mention I'll be judging a 4-H competition this weekend?

Well I am.

Who says I'm not fitting into life in the country.




  1. And what is being competed over?

    Around here it seems mostly cattle stuff but the 4H I knew offered cooking, knitting, and such?

    I'm not sure I see you as a judge of beef on the hoof. Beef on the burger might be more fitting. :)

  2. Well, i'd like to say cows, but the reality is I shall be judging public speaking.

    More in my line of experience I confess.

    I just hope I don't grade them all high out of concern for their self-esteem.

  3. NO WAY?! I totally remember doing judging in 4-H and I owned it.

    Oh by the way, when I read the title I immediately thought of you judging cattle. A funny sight it was.

  4. What exactly are you judging?

    I remember being in 4-H. I was only in it for two years. One in a cattle 4-H club and one in a multiple 4-H club.

    My Grandma Sheldon is in the Saskatchewan 4-H Hall of Fame. I guess she did a lot for 4-H.

  5. Hey! I'm judging 4H speeches this weekend too! Where you going to be at? Ours are here in Hepburn.

  6. Ah Kim, that was last year and it was out here in Alberta, south east of Wetaskiwin.


  7. Oops... I realized that I was responding to your 'this day in history' portion too late to change my comment.


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