Everything's amazing, nobody's happy

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Yup, perspective.


  1. I love this clip. I've watched it several times on Facebook. I had meant to post it my blog as well. Hilarious and true.

  2. How true is that! We definately have lost sight of how amazing our every day lives are. Thank you for showing this perspective. I need to be more thankful.
    I'm thinking about letting out a big woo hoo as the plane lifts off on my next flight. Might freak out some people around me though (like my wife).

  3. Yes - this clip is fantastic. I've tried to explain to my kids that there was no Disney Channel when I was their age - no cable TV in my house - only 3 channels!! No internet, no cell phones. Hmmmm. I just about miss it!!!!

  4. Ah yes...the simipler life. And then there's the question of the difference between needs vs. wants....


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