Saturday morning thoughts on curling

Saturday, March 14, 2009
This morning I headed into town where our church had a couple of teams entered in the Interchurch Curling Bonspiel (Which I guess is Scottish for "Hurry up and throw your rocks across the ice before I freeze to death"). Seems a lot of people out here enjoy the very Canadian pastime of curling.

She can motivate the boys to sweep

-She had all the guys motivated to sweep-

I was asked repeatedly if I wanted to play, but I had to get back to The Field before our afternoon of youth showed up. I haven't played since High School (I took Curling in High School?? Yes indeedy, easy credit I think.) But I may have to take it up again to participate in the local culture. That could be fun.


But these guys are serious curlers.

You can check out their form here.

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