so a guy calls about a hockey game. Updated.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
and has two extra tickets to see the Edmonton Oilers play the Saskatoon St.Louis Blues tonight.

So guess where Micah and I shall be.

And if the game is on TV, I will be the guy with the green painted chest and three leaf clovers covering my nipples.


Row 12, Seat 12, in the corner. Very sweet seats indeed.

The Oilers beat the Blues in an exciting overtime shootout 2-1.

The last NHL game I was at was in Winnipeg in the spring of 1995 when we knew the Jets were leaving town. I dragged my four year old boy Thomas to the Jets vs. Toronto game so that he could say he had been to a game. He slept through the third period.


  1. What, three nipples? I don't get it. My dearth of hockey knowledge may be showing.

    But the thought of seeing the aforesaid three leaf covered nipples could induce even me to watch that game.

  2. Uh, that was a mental image I didn't need...

  3. Um, aaaa, um, er, um, yeah. Well, uh, I think I'll just be moving, uh somewhere, um, er, ok.

    Good bye.

  4. Three leaf clovered nipples isn't so bad. At least he's not talking about showing off his Blarney Stones....

  5. Hey LT want me to send you an Oilers cap????


    and I kept my nipples and stones covered for the entire game.


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