This week on Twitter 2009-03-18

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

  • Watching a replay of the 09 Brit Awards. I love their live performances. They do it up big. #

  • My office window is open because it's so hot in here, and in the field the cows are mooing. Spring, is that you?? #

  • been working on getting a quote for our auto insurance since 9 am. Wow, this is a lost day. #

  • I'm here and going to walk 50 feet due east to get home. #

  • The Office and 30 Rock. Could be the funniest hour on TV these days. #

  • Morning brings continued calls re. Insurance. Nearly done I hope. #

  • Beautiful day out here today. It better be spring cause April is only weeks away! #

  • The bottle of grapefruit juice on my warm desk for a week is starting to separate. Cool... #

  • In contrast to a million other people, I LOVE the new facebook look. Course, it looks and acts a lot like Twitter now. Hmmmmm. #

  • 42x34, why cant i find you oh pants that fit. #

  • And a Happy St. Paddies day to you all this fine snowy mornin. #

  • Sitting in seat 12 row 12 waiting for the oilers and blues to start playing. #

  • Overtime. Tied at 1 #


  1. How do you do this? Is it through Twitter?

  2. Hey Beth,
    It's a wordpress plugin I use called Twitter Tools.

    You might check for something here;

    or check in blogger layout. They may already have a widget there for that.


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