This week on Twitter 2009-03-25

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

  • Edmonton wins in an overtime shootout. That was a fun evening. #

  • Playing a late night game of Halo One with Micah. He doesn't have school tomorrow. #

  • Joan Rivers face; what's that about? Looks like an overfilled beach ball. #

  • 42x34, why cant i find you oh pants that fit. #

  • Twitter is rerunning a tweet I made four days ago. Come on Twitter, get with it. Context is everything baby. #

  • I have never seen #BSG and cha know waht? I'm ok with that. #

  • I'm hungry today, still at church. #

  • At ikea for lunch wondering what a lingon berry is. #

  • you all blew me away with the lingonberry answer. Now can you tell me how Ikea can sell a 10 meatball & potato gravy & berry meal for $2.70? #

  • Sitting in seat 12 row 12 waiting for the oilers and blues to start playing. #

  • Nope I'm not at tonight's hockey game, that's just TWITTER BRAIN FARTING AGAIN. I sent that tweet last week. #

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