April in Malmo

Thursday, April 02, 2009
This morning on my way to a meeting, the fog was surprisingly thick and when it does that, well the light just becomes amazing.

So I stopped for a few shots.


You can see a few more, here.



  1. Oh, you make me feel almost emvious, Randy. Out there would be a dream come true for me. Aw well, one day------

  2. kristina blackwoodApril 3, 2009 at 12:08 PM

    These granaries are what inspired me to begin photographing things. They used to stand straight and strong. I passed them every day on my way to and from school ; to and from church ; to and from everywhere in my world. By the time i was in junior high, they had begun to sag and that's when it hit : they won't stand forever. I have so many photos of them now that i'm sure people think it's redundant of me to keep doing it. Anyway, you've made me a little heartsick for township road 442.

  3. That's so cool Kristina. Thanks for that.

    I think you should be running a photoblog. You've got lots to teach us about good images.

    ...and 442 misses you too.

  4. Those bins have been a real eyesore for me and I had planned on pushing them into a nearby slough and burning them. Your pictures and kristina comments MAY give them a reprieve for a season.

  5. Those are YOUR BINS ROD?!?

    Cool. You own some very photogenic bins my man.

    I vote for a reprieve as I'm just getting to know them.



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