Friday night on campus

Friday, April 17, 2009
Tonight I walked the streets of this town where I learned to pray. When I was finishing my final year of college, I spent hours talking to God about what was to be next for me, for us.

Those hours of prayer were spent walking with God. Mile after mile we would walk and talk and spend time together. It was really a desperate time for me as I needed to hear from Him. As I look back on it, the time was formational. It shaped me and postured me before God in ways nothing else ever would.

Tonight I got back out on these streets and God was right there, like we never even skipped a beat. I was praying and he was telling me a few things, about the kids. Things that give me hope, showing me how I could pray for them better, with insight.

It feels like old times again except now we have four kids plus one, and I have bags beneath my eyes, and twenty some years as a pastor.

If my young self could have seen me now, I think he'd be pleased with how things have turned out.


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