Holy Saturday

Saturday, April 11, 2009
Tonight if you are a follower of Jesus, all seems dark, all is lost. The future is very bleak, not at all what you had expected. And the past, those miracles, did they really happen? Was he who he said he was? Why would he string you along?

Tonight it just seems hopeless.

I can't begin to imagine the sense of loss they must have felt.

Then again, I can't imagine their absolute joy when they discover that Jesus is alive.

What a weekend. From the depths of dispair to the heights of joy.

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  1. We had a short series of meditations at our church today on the death of Christ and how he had to truly die in order to identify with us completely and in order to enter the place of the dead. It was sobering, and Psalm 88 took on new meaning. On top of experiencing something so human he also had the added burden of our sin.......wow.....each year something becomes deeper for me in this time of remembrance. Today Dell lights the new fire outside our church and processes the paschal candle and hope is renewed. What a time of hope.


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