This week on Twitter 2009-04-15

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

  • At ikea for lunch wondering what a lingon berry is. #

  • I could easily go back to the office & work. Instead I'm waiting for time to progress & I can shower & go to bed. Life can be stupid sometim #

  • Oh wow, the windows are open and it SMELLS LIKE CAMP OUT THERE!! The trees smell amazing, and, wow, just smells like camping in the woods! #

  • Off to the service in the city. I'm doing some preaching there this morning. I've been given 4 minutes and a large theme, forgiveness. :) #

  • Christ is Risen... #

  • Raining out there tonight. Suppose to be 20 cms of snow by tomorrow. Sheesh. #

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  1. a lingon berry is like a wild cranberry, native to Sweden and surrounding part of the world. And very yummy.


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