This week on Twitter 2009-04-29

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

  • Trying to get ready to travel all day tomorrow. #

  • On the road and yes its snowing. #

  • Through edson maybe jasper for lunch. I need a toilet already. Sheesh. #

  • And, there are the mountains. Sweet. #

  • The sun is shining in the mountains. Beautiful day. #

  • Passing through hope where r a m b o 1 was made #

  • We have arrived and hey the grass is green! And they have real flowers too! #

  • Im not too sure about these lobster flavor chips in this asian market. #

  • Well I'm not to sure about the carrying on about this place being rainy and overcast. It's day two of bright warm sunshine. #

  • Well the birthday girl is out there in Vancouver someplace with her daughter and we need to go for supper in 25 minutes. Anyone seen her? #

  • Days work over, now to celebrate Lauealeas birthday. #

  • In the annual meeting all day. My miracle for the day is that I found a Krispy Kreme so I'm all set. #

  • "kids activity bags are by the main doors. Please return them to the knobs as you leave." an announcement in this churches bulletin today. #

  • Leaving lotusland. Next 13 hours, the road. #

  • We are in salmon arm getting a pizza for the road. I am so tired. #

  • Nearly at banff. Loosing time because the car is failing. I am even more tired. #

  • Finally in calgary, who by the way are loosing by 2 to hawks. Getting supper. #

  • We are home, finally. Now a couple hours rest, I have a meeting early in the morning. Thank you BC, that was so great. #

  • Tonight out of the blue i met our college nurse from 1981. She married a pastor and lives in ont. Wow. #

  • In spite of a nap I think I'm heading to bed early tonight. Blame it on the time zone change yesterday. #

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