Thursday, April 09, 2009
Tonight we know the meal, the passover arranged by our leader, Jesus.

Tonight the announcement that one of us would betray him, could it be me?

Tonight after the long meal we sing a hymn and move to the garden to pray, to be together.

Tonight our leader Jesus is in anguish, he's troubled. He asks us to pray for him.

Tonight he is wrestling some unseen battle.

Three times he asks to do it his own way, to not have to die.

Yet in the end he lays down his own will, and drinks deeply of his fathers cup,

the cup of death.

Tonight there is sudden violence and his betrayer is here.

Tonight he begins to drink the cup

that tomorrow he will fully consume.

Tonight if he chose his own way, and ran away,

I would be lost.


  1. Good stuff.
    We had our Maundy Thursday service this evening. A good time of reflecting on Jesus last meal with his followers.

  2. the guys from 24-7 prayer in reading held a prayer vigil last night (maunday thursday) but to have a small chuckle, i fell asleep (more than once).

    it was too relaxing for me (well that is my excuse)



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