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Saturday, April 04, 2009
So last night we went to a community fundraiser for Micah's school, which turned out to be Bingo. Basically a fun family evening of playing Bingo and eating pie and coffee and chatting with the neighbours.

The prizes were Turkeys and Hams and little chocolate bunnies, and I tried a little harder when Turkeys were on the line because well really who wants to win a ham. But alas no meat was won at our table.

The evening wasn't completely prize-less however. After the Bingo came the, whoever has a "______" come up and get a bunny, kind of game and that's when my lucky Jet's jersey came into play. I won for, "Who is wearing a hockey jersey." I took home the little chocolate bunny.

I was willing to trade for a Turkey, but no one seemed too interested in that.

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