another pentecost sunday is in the books

Sunday, May 31, 2009
Well, another Pentecost Sunday is in the history books, and the gang at church were a little tired today, which always makes worship a bit, well, yawn, tired. Not quite the same effect as the original, but the heart was there, and so was God.

The weekend was busy too. Friday a youth parents year end bbq, then yesterday office work and some yard work and a run to the garbage dump. Couldn't shake the nauseous feeling all day, and the tiredness even after a solid night of sleep.

Today was supper at some new friends home followed by a classic prairie event. A fiddle (Violin) teacher put on an evening concert with her students. It was held in a town hall down the road. It was classic prairie fare, complete with some red juice, coffee, and sweets afterward.

Lauralea and I didn't stay for the refreshments, mostly because I wasn't feeling that great. Looking back over the weekend it seems like it was a medium grade stomach flu, all weekend long. It just kinda made the whole weekend more difficult to get through.  But here we are.

Tomorrow another week begins, with new challenges and things to manage.

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