Breathtaking, if that can be used to describe a bird.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
This morning as I sat in the sun-room of a home where I and the homeowners were going over the details of a funeral I will be officiating at later on this week, a most amazing thing happened. Something bright and cheerful caught my eye just landing on the shrub outside the screen.

It was an amazing bright orange bird with black topped wings and the orange was as bright and cheerful as an orange creamsicle. The bird took my breath away with its colour and brilliance. I quickly blurted out some inane words, pointing with my dumbfounded self to the bird. She saw it first and called to him to help decide what it might be. They brought out the Bird Book and we decided it must be a Baltimore Oriole.

Baltimore Oriole

My first Baltimore Oriole, and he was a beauty.

I think I'll make it the official bird of

I stopped on the way home and got my own bird book. Good thing too because some bright green hummingbird buzzed me as I arrived home.

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