Gone again

Sunday, May 10, 2009
Tonight we took Hillary to the Greyhound bus terminal (Sounds so final) in Edmonton because she is off to work at camp all summer long. We probably won't even see her till September, and in ways that's hard. She's been back about three weeks now and it's been good to have her here, and then, she's gone. It's a bit bittersweet.

These kids grow up and just when they start to get to the place where they are easier and more enjoyable to live with, they go away. How fair is that?


Anyway, it was hard to leave her there at the depot waiting for her bus to leave, but we did. She'll be on the road all night and arrive at 8am, and I understand her camp work starts at 8:30 am, so if you think of her through the night, would you remind God of her out there on the bus?

And our home is down to four once again.

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