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Friday, May 29, 2009
I've been at my desk early this morning and my window is open and the sound of some blessed soul cutting my lawn with a mowing tractor, and the sound of the flies and birds remind me that I am in a place in the country.

The gentle sounds of life in the field are good noises, for the most part. At least you realize when the sounds don't fit with the field. Like last night, I thought I was hearing sirens from police cars and fire trucks, but I remember where I am and shake my head and get on with life.

Maybe it was just the exhaustion we were experiencing. The week has been full and by last night it all caught up with me and I was in one of those precarious places where I was too tired to eat supper and it was too early to go to bed. So I puttered around finishing up a few small projects that needed doing, and then I went and lay down on the couch, to have a nap before bed. I knew that if I just went to bed that I would be too tired to sleep, so I thought a nap might help that, and it did.

I got up at 10:30, ate six crackers, brushed my teeth, and crawled in beside herself, who had already been in bed for a while I guessed, if her sawing lumber was any indication. Shortly after eleven I was gone.

Today I am preparing for a funeral/memorial service this afternoon, for someone I never met. Those can be tricky, but this one should be alright. And then a youth families windup supper/wiener roast this evening, and then get ready for Pentecost on Sunday. Good thing I got some serious sleep last night. Looks like I'm going to need it.

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