This week on Twitter 2009-05-27

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

  • Thursday morning breakfast. #

  • Ok so I just answered the church office phone with "Morning, Gateway" rather than the church I am now at. Sheesh. I need a church call sign. #

  • Visitors in the back yard. #

  • Just heading into town to connect with people today #

  • Heading to town to connect with some people. #

  • I keep underestimating the time going to town takes and I plan to do other things in the office in the afternoon and that always fails. #

  • In the office today and tomorrow looks like there are many opportunities to visit in people's homes. Maybe tonight we're off to see a movie #

  • Hey these guys eat dandelions!!! #

  • I'm so tired and I just. Can't. Sleep. Four hours left to keep trying. #

  • Blurry but happy #

  • Weather is rollin in #

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