To sleep

Saturday, May 09, 2009
How does it happen that three days pass by and the prayer I had posted for a certain evening greets me each time I return to this space?

And again it is Saturday night, how did that happen so quickly yet take so long? Someone once told me that if time flies then it means that you are living well. I really don't know about that, but tonight for whatever reasons, I am tired. The week has been normal, at least normal for a pastor I think. But for whatever reasons it's been exhausting as well.

I'm just getting ready for bed, and the Internet Radio in our front room is playing BBC 4, with the poetry of the shipping forecast on now. Every so often the reader reads the name of a place I know. Mull of Kintyre, Isles of Scilly, and so on. I think of those on boats and ships out on the water tonight and a part of me envies them. That would be an amazing adventure I think.

Anyway, we have our own adventure to face here. Tomorrow is Mothers Day, and it is Micah's 15th Birthday. It's also the day we take Hillary to catch her bus late in the evening as she is off to British Columbia for camp for the summer. Then early Monday morning I will take Lauralea to Edmonton to catch a flight to Saskatoon to go and help with moral support as my mom is facing an apartment move. It's the first move since my dad passed away a couple of years ago. I'm glad she can go, and she wants to go, but it leaves us guys here fending for ourselves.

Which brings me back to the place I started. Tired.

I think I will drag my exhausted wife through the maze of suitcases, some still from two weeks ago, to bed and try to get some rest.

And you, get some sleep too.



  1. Your day today sounds pretty full. Pass on birthday greetings to Micah. And get some rest while Lauralea is away. I'm sure she has things mostly all prepared for you but I guess there will be no quick trips for Pizza or McD's when emergencies arise.

  2. Sleep well, Randall. I pray for it to be so.

    God bless Lauralea. She is quite the woman! I know she will be of great help to your mom.

    Pass along our Happy Birthdays to Micah. It's Cory's birthday today too!!



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