Babies are great. Usually.

Saturday, June 20, 2009
You know, there are now four babies due to be born in this church in the field and I've kinda gotten caught up in the excitement and all and I've been thinking we have space in the house and well one of us has a spare uterus that's free and well maybe it's time to consider having a fifth child...

I mean just look at this twerp...

Makes me smile just looking at her.

She's one of a pair of kids that we will be dedicating to God tomorrow and asking his blessing upon.

... it's just made me think is all.


  1. Lord have mercy...

  2. Hmm, that Anonymous comment is from someone inside my house and since Micah is away and Thomas was sleeping in, it can only have come from herself.

    Which is positive. She hasn't come right out and stated that its a bad idea or anything.

    And it's a prayer she uttered so who knows. She might be completely onboard with the whole idea, and have been praying for it to happen for a long time already!

  3. That's a precis.

    The full pray is "Lord have mercy on Randall because he's not coming near me with THAT until he changes his tune".


  4. Full marks for Toni.


  5. Idea #2:

    Wait 5 years for grandkids.


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