Balance. Tires and People.

Today was and is a day of connecting with people. From early this morning in town for a couple of hours in an intensive meeting, for me anyway, to lunch hour or hours spent doing some hard work together, the day has been full.

And the work that was done today wasn't oppressive or difficult, it simply was intense and to a certain extent, deep. We covered much ground as we made progress and it was ground that we need to cover as we journey along in this field here.

So by three pm when I was ready to head home, I wasn't much in the mood to be surprised. I cam out and discovered a slow leak in a tire on the car, so I figured I'd stop in at a tire shop and see if they could do a quick fix. Didn't really want to be here in the field with a slow leaking tire and not compressor. You know how that goes. I knew the tires would need replacing soon, they were getting tired out, but it seemed that this one tire was done for, and would I like a replacement. Sigh.

I took two and spent twice as much as I've ever spent on any tire and had them install them on the back axle. So much of my work out here involves travel that I figured I should get them.

Anyway, fast forward to home, a 20 minute snooze, a quick bite to eat and I'm back at the office getting ready for a board meeting tonight.

People days like this are good, so good. Now I need to even that out with some non people time too. So far tomorrow looks clear. I'll catch up on some office work I think.

The meeting calls...

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  1. A "tired out" tire...... nice one.

    My Advice is always to put new tires on the front axle.

    even if it is a rear-wheel drive car, due to the front wheels doing the steering.


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