In this field the mountains are big

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Life and the rhythm of life continues to grow on me here in The Field. I am finding my way among the challenges of life here, be it the distances that need to be traveled on the highways or the distances between new friends, it is coming together here for me. As always is the case for me in new situations I am quiet and observant and to tell you the truth, I don't always trust my instincts. I second guess myself and am careful to observe and consider my reactions carefully, not completely trusting that I know what I'm doing, I suppose.

But each day I learn a little more about the Field People. There is a strong community sense here in this area that seems to direct everything, from the schools to the community halls or churches or whatever. If the people want something, they get it. Maybe it's because they have a strong sense of their own presence here for a long long time, maybe it's just an Alberta thing, but they get what they want, as a group I mean. Not so much concerned about external rules, laws, or expectations brought in from the outside, they run their own show out here. It seems as though there is a subtle peer pressure not to buck whatever trend is happening, and if you do the potential is there to be passively or actively shunned I suppose.

It is interesting to observe these power motivators, these things that drive a community.

It's also interesting to see how that regional approach effects even a church. As those called out to be different in our motivations and actions, we as followers of Christ will occasionally appear different than others in our community. Are we good with that? Are we prepared to stand with the marginalized and act in love towards all, to even pray for those who may be out for our harm?

I'm watching this bunch even as they are watching me, looking for clues that will indicate loyalties. Not the kind of cliquish loyalties that bely insecurities or unforgotten pain, but rather the kinds of biblical/Christ like loyalties that are really hard to live out when you and your family have been a part of a community for a hundred years or more. Honestly some of these neighbours of mine have lived here and done church or not for a hundred years. The only thing that might give them enough of a chance to publicly express a change of heart or faith, will be an encounter with the living God. Because to stand in the face of a long history and change direction to move against the stream of a strong community is akin to moving mountains.

These are the mountains we face out here on the prairie.
Now my question, does God still move mountains?

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  1. Wait... you will come to know them...

    God might move mountains, just not the ones we expect right?



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