Let it Rain (Or print, I'm not picky)

Thursday, June 18, 2009
I'm up and in the office well before 8 am this morning because;

A.) It's gloriously overcast and gently raining out here in the field today, and the Lord knows I'm grateful for the rain.

B.) Yesterday was a day of complete frustration and hard work. Like I told one farmer, it was like I was ready to seed all day and when I went out to begin, the seeder broke down and I couldn't get it going again all day. I worked on IT stuff here all day, even till 12:30 this morning and simply put, My MacBook stopped printing. These Apples do a lot of things really well, but printing ain't one of them.

C.) I have a conference Board meeting this afternoon and evening so I need to prep for that, as well as for Sunday. Father's Day and two child dedications, and I still can't print.

But I will keep my hope on the cloudy skies this morning. It's already stopped raining out there and the skies are clearing, but one can continue to hope.
Be it for rain or for the ability to print.


  1. Glad to hear about the rain, but wondering what's up with the printing. I've almost never have a problem. If you want, I can help troubleshoot (if you don't want my advice, just ignore the rest of the comment :):
    Did it stop printing suddenly? You could try looking in your Print & Fax preferences in the System Preferences and see what your settings look like.
    You could also go to the Library folder in your user folder -- look first in the folder labeled Printers and make sure your printer is there. If not, you can add it in the Printing Preferences (click on the little plus sign and see if your printer is in the list that shows up). But if you've been using that printer it should already be there.
    So the next thing I would suggest is go back to your Library folder and go to the preferences folder. Scroll down through the list of preferences until you see something like com.apple.print.PrintingPrefs. Sometimes preference files get corrupted. Just move them to your desktop and try restarting and see if that helps. (Your computer will make new preference files, so it's OK to move them or delete them.) If it works, delete the files you moved to the desktop. If it doesn't, you can always move them back or delete them.
    HOpe this helps. If it doesn't, there's always the Apple forums.

  2. Are you sure it's the computer? I plug my printer in, click twice and my macbook fires off copies like it's going out of style. I'd check your printer.

    Hope it will rain AND print today, making for a red letter day! ;)

  3. Randall - as you (and I) now know, Apple have really not got printing sorted. Having bought a brand new colour laser printer (to print labels for the business) I have to say that Linux users are served considerably better than Apples.

    Sorry feller - hope it sorts itself out soon.

  4. Hey thanks you guys,

    She still doesn't do what she is suppose to do, printwise.

    At lease I now am able to get it to print a test sheet, but only when I shut down the mac. Seems somehow like the spool is broken -if these things use spools or caches for holding print jobs.

  5. You could try reinstalling your printer software on the computer. If something is out of whack with the software, that might fix it.
    You can also check the printer company's website for updated printer drivers (or just to download the one you have an reinstalling it). Sometimes things get corrupted.

  6. I have reinstalled it, but its tricky because my printer is the church photocopier and it doesn't do mac at all, so the face I've been able to get anything to even work till now is a bit of a miracle.

    I've reinstalled it and go to print it doesn't connect with the printer. then when i restart the mac, during the boot up, the previous unprinted document prints!

  7. Weird and frustrating. I can feel your pain but can offer no solution. Usually at times like this all I can advise is a good swift kick to the printer. Or yell at it if you wish to protect your foot.

  8. Are you connecting through the network or by USB? I have found the USB ports on my macbook very temperamental - if I connect a device through anything but the original port I first connected through then it refuses to recognise it and has to re-install drivers again. This happens with some devices using windows too, but either in the background or windows will just do it as a matter of course.

  9. Its connected through the network, and just right now on June 20, year of our Lord 2009, I asked it to print an email, and it did so without hesitation.

    Go figure.

  10. just get something other than a mac......

    and all your "print(ing)" problems will Just Vanish......

    chuckles to himself as other people fight hardware


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