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Thursday, June 11, 2009
I was searching for something on Google Maps and I double clicked on the map of the US, and it zoomed me right in to street view on some dirt road in Kansas. N Grace Hill Rd, Walton, KS to be exact.

My first thought was, what's a google truck doing out here at the end of the road taking pictures?

My second thought was how cool is this that I can click on a location, even in a field in Kansas, and check out the neighbours.
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  1. Isn't that a cool feature? Cool in a creepy kind of way. ;) I found my brother-in-law's house and found out via the sign in the wiondow his neighbors put their house up for sale since we were there last year. ;)

  2. So I will tell you where you are on that map of Kansas --- you're not far from Newton, where Bethel College is (one of the Bethel Colleges -- there are 2 or 3 colleges by that name in the US -- strange but true). It's a Mennonite school and a number of kids from our church have gone there (because for some reason when Mennonites can't find a Mennonite church they come to a Covenant church -- or at least it seems that way). Also in the Newton area, to the north, is Goessel, where there is a very large church out in the middle of nowhere -- also a Mennonite church because the Newton area is Mennonite country. I know this because I've driven past it -- rather impressive (the church, not me driving). I haven't looked to see if you can find the church on the map.
    It's a nice part of the state, with farms and kind of rolling countryside.
    I think Google maps are very cool.

  3. Actually Linda, my first thought when i saw that I had landed in Kansas, was you. I think you are the only person I know from there.

    ...although I might be related to some of those mennonites.


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