This week on Twitter 2009-06-24

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

  • Pouring the floors today #

  • Being in board meetings again with people you've fought in the trenches with is odd yet comforting. Kind of brothers in arms. #

  • I know some folks who have home like this. #

  • Watching Miss. Potter and we are to the part where she visits the lake district and I'm thinking about my friend who lives there. #

  • Hmm, 12:36 am. Happy Fathers Day to me. #

  • Happy Fathers Day to me #

  • I hate it when my day off sucks. #

  • Its a day late, blame youtube, but Michael Schumacher IS THE STIG?!?! #

  • Home to get some lunch, and maybe a short nap. Got a long day to go yet. #

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