This week on Twitter 2009-07-01

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

  • Three years ago this morning. #

  • Thomas taking out the trash #

  • I'm beneath the quilt in bed tonight staying warm. The windows are open and it's only +7 C out there. In June no less. #

  • I think I need some unseling #

  • I just watched Wit. Such a sad movie. Sadder mostly because it was so real. Thats usually how it goes. #

  • Watching Top Gear tonight. What a great show & now I can watch it on BBC 2. #

  • At costco for the first time. This place is freakin crazy. I want the field. #

  • Costco lunch #

  • Still at west ed mall. Tired feet but we found the full set of Father Ted. Now home to watch, with chinese food. #

  • Gross day. Threw up last night. I haven't done that since forever. #

  • The coyotes are howling up a storm out there tonight. Feels like Autumn. #

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