An early morning in late July

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Up at dawn this morning and as I left the house for my early meeting the fresh feel to the day caught me by surprise. I took the long way to the office, which means about a minute longer than normal, but I did a walk around the place.

Sun just beneath the horizon, the red lilies in bloom, tomatoes still producing flowers. The humid air from the dew hanging low to the ground, and the sky slightly overcast. The sounds of song birds waking up the world and our small water fountain splashing water.

Already the days are getting shorter and the sun is taking longer to wake up creation, which reminds me that we are nearly done with July. Soon there will be a shortened harvest season here, shortened because of a lack of crops to take off, and I'm seeing more and more farmers just tilling under what they have. There are already a lot less cows around because there is no feed for them, so they are being sold at a loss. Could be a tough winter for some families in the area.

All that reminds me that we are here in The Field nearly a year already. What an amazing opportunity and place to live. What a stretching and pulling God is doing in us, to help make us a blessing in this place, in this time. I am deeply grateful that he knows me well enough to place me where I need to be, so that the place I am becomes a blessing to me as well.

And though the isolation and loneliness can be so striking sometimes and you can feel so lost, there are times like this morning, when God is close and the breath from his mouth warms a cold and tired heart.

May you too know the warmth of his close presence in your coming and going today too.


  1. God has blessed us through you. Thank you for following Him here. We are so glad you came.

  2. I hope that even with a reduced harvest they will be able to keep paying their pastor.


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