A good day today

It was one of those days where I am able to do the kinds of things that give me a sense of fulfillment, a sense of God's presence.

There are conversations that are had in which God sometimes just shows up and he fills the room and I know we are on a different ground. There are conversations had and emails written in which I know I'm communicating beyond my ability, and my spirit does a double take, and of course it's Him in the conversation too.

Today a number of those conversations took place, and light and truth advanced just a bit, in a few peoples hearts. Those are the kinds of conversations that I love, and why I do what I do. Often pastoring is just praying for and waiting for the chance to have those talks.

Today was just one of those days.
A gooder.


  1. Randy, I have a question that begs an answer. Today, at Grace's Bible Study we talked about "joy" - among other things. Can you tell us what the real meaning of "joy" is? Would appreciate an answer Thank you.

  2. I hunger for those times too, and hate having to walk through places where conversations are just mean and ordinary all the time. While it is far from always being the case, so often those times seem to depend on the listener as well as the speaker and the Spirit.

  3. Prais the Lord!!!!!!

  4. I don't know Jean, that's always been a tough one to grab the right end of. Maybe because its a loaded word.

    -rejoice: to feel happiness or joy
    -the emotion of great happiness
    -gladden: make glad or happy
    -something or someone that provides a source of happiness; "a joy to behold";

    I suppose I like the imagery of gladness. Joy causes me to be happy, to rejoice, to be glad which implies an inner quality of the heart. It's not just a momentary happiness but more of a deeper quality of the spirit.

  5. Thanks so much.

  6. I always say Joy = Peace + Contentment. If a person is content and at peace with God and himself, he will be able to have joy, regardless of the circumstances.

    It's also good to remember that Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, so if there is an absence of joy in our lives, it might mean that we need to be more full of God. Where God is- where his Spirit is present, there will be love, joy, peace, patience... all his fruit. If we go around trying to manufacture joy (or love or peace or patience etc.) we'll always feel the lack of it, as well as feeling like a failure because we aren't "measuring up" to what we think we're supposed to be as a child of God. Grace comes into play when we realize that on our own we can't be anything- joyful, peaceful, loving... we need God in us to be complete. When we let Him BE through us, we will be more able to experience joy.

  7. Again, thanks


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