I think we should dance more.

Thursday, July 23, 2009
Or in my case, at all.

Hopefully you have some good speakers attached to your computer and not some tinny ones.
Turn them up, and smile.
(or for some of you, get your kleenex ready.)


  1. I'm as traditional as it comes to weddings, being a classically trained musician and all. But that was just amazing. I'd go for that in a wedding in our church in a heartbeat.

  2. thanks for finding this. i fired this up on my own blog as soon as i saw it and i made sure to give credit where it was due.
    thanks again, that was beyond wonderful.

  3. I laughed till i cried i want to do mine over again...with the same man of course...what a great wedding march!

  4. Loved it!! Sooo much fun. :)

  5. I'm crying !!!! I love weddings. What a wonderful video. I posted it to my blog too. What fun. I've never seen anything like this before.


  6. haha, I love that! I think my Grandma would've had a heart attack tho'!


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