It's the weekend

Friday, July 31, 2009
and a long weekend for you Canadians out there.

So, what are you doing this weekend?


In 5 months its gonna be December and cold as frozen snot out there and you'll think back to this weekend and you'll say to yourself, "Randall told me to have some fun that weekend," and either it will end with, "I'M SO FREAKIN GLAD I LISTENED TO HIM" or you'll be saying "DANG I WISH I HAD LISTENED TO HIM!!"

So either way, you'll wish you had listened to me.

...I'm just sayin.


  1. So what would you suggest? Marc's got the van and I'm home alone vehicle-less with the two girls...

  2. Ah you my girl shall have the best time of all.

    First, take the girls out for a walk and run them hard and fast. Then take them in and wash them up for bed. Then draw yourself a bath with your favourite bomb stuff, turn on the fan so you can't hear them or cone to their aid.

    After sufficiant time and they seem settled, get out and call Science Fiction Pizza and order one fir delivery. Then go select your favourite video/movie to watch.

    Pizza arrives, video begins and bobs your uncle, instant great evening.

    Any body else require assistance?

  3. Aw, you know me too well, don't you? :)

    That does sound like a plan. Now I just need to decide if I'm too tired to do something like that tonight.

    We shall see. Enjoy your weekend with Hillary!

  4. You are so right! I had those "It's Sunday & there's school tomorrow" feelings today when contemplating August's arrival.

    We're good for ideas though. Test driving, iced tea drinking & barbequing tomorrow, picnic at the forestry farm after church Sunday.


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