Learning to lean

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
I guess one of the unique privileges of doing what I do, is that I am, as much as is possible, with people through the darkness and through the light of their lives.

Today sharing lunch with an elderly friend from church, sharing life, the good and more difficult patches. Telling stories of our lives, places we were overwhelmed and times we were overjoyed. You know, just sharing life together for a couple of hours.

Or celebrating with someone who may have some very good news that we've been praying so very hard about for a long time, but it's not confirmed yet. Your heart skips a beat and a shot of adrenalin courses through your body and you smile. Well, that's what I do and that's a big deal.

Or getting some difficult news from friends who are going through a season of loss and grief. Suddenly how hard life can just becomes really clear again, and you go back to the place of prayer once again, looking to God for answers for these friends.

I learned a long time ago that I am not God for them, I can do nothing to change the world, their world. But walking with someone through the difficult seasons can bring some comfort. And everyone should have someone in their lives that they can call and simply say, I need prayer. Those things I can do.

When those different emotional extremes happen in a day, you know you need more resources than you have. Then you lean into the curve thrown at you, right into God's arms, and you find him carrying you through the day. He enables us to do the things he calls us to do, and the best way to know his strength is to lean completely into him and his strength. For the times you fuss and fight and try to manage it with half your own strength, and half his, it's too awkward and often you get hurt because you are trying too hard. You get in the way.

So tonight as I think of the stories of the people I am caring for, I lean back deeply into His provision, for me and for them.

Night from the field.


  1. i stumbled on your site after seeing a link from another blog i was following. i'm just looking for sites of believers that have or will speak to me.
    this is the church to me. sitting and sharing life. breaking bread and building up. blessings on your journey.

  2. The longer I do this thing, this calling, the more it seems its more about prayer than most anything else...

    I like the new layout by the way. Although I did like the Iona pictures in the header....


  3. Hi Ian, nice to meet you.

    Yep Doug, you nailed it.


  4. Gee, Randy, Iwould have thought that the loneliness,or whatecver would suit you to a Tee. It sure be the "bee's knees" for me. I guess we just don't really know people, do we? You have mentioned on some occasions that if it were not for LL, you could easily become a hermit. Remember? Anyway, correct me if i am wrong. I do wish the very best in every way, for you and yours. Blessings.

  5. :)

    Hi Jean

    yep i think you are right, I have mentioned that if it were not for Lauralea I could possibly withdraw into my own little world and become a hermit.

    Maybe she's having a negative, or for me, a positive effect on me.

    I've discovered that I do miss being anonymous in a crowd. I like to occasionally be in a crowd and be completely unknown and overlooked because i do enjoy people. they are quirky and interesting and deep.

    Kind of subversive I know, but I do like being a student of the human spirit.

    That I missed yesterday.


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