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Thursday, July 30, 2009
I suppose with that kind of a title this post should be something referencing some manner of home renovation that we are doing, but it doesn't.

We did have ten farmers descend upon the church yard and parsonage on Monday and bring all manner of heavy equipment and worked hard for the better part of the day fixing up the cemetery space and the parking lot and the house. We now have some good looking, completed landscaping out front of the house. One farmer who makes his living as a carpenter, came into the house and reframed the kitchen door in the settling house, so that it would close. That was a lovely addition and helps keep spaces closed or open to get some air moving through the house on hot days.

We had some friends over for a visit for a few days and it was so good to see them again. They have headed home and are moving on to school so who knows when we might see them next.

The field is some quiet these days. Normally I would be getting homework done for classes in Chicago, but since I graduated last summer, there won't be any of that in the near future. And then the normal order of things would be to take three weeks off and try to get my head on straight again, for the fall season. But the changes of the year continue on and so we will delay holidays for a while yet. Although next week we are going to try to fit in a few days in Saskatchewan with the relatives.

I thought that by now the church would be in full summer nobody comes mode. But that hasn't been the case. Most Sundays have seen us with good crowds out and visitors dropping by The Field. There are a couple of significant, huge personal life stories people are walking through out here and I'm trying to walk with them, even though I'm still kinda "New Guy" around here. Trying to quickly get up to speed with people so that I have a right to walk with them through the stuff. God is really good with that stuff though. We are seeing a HUGE answer to prayer for a certain individual right now, and I may tell you about that story one time, once it's done being written.

And somehow last Saturday I really messed up my back. The pain has been, well, unique, because I never have back pain. So I'm dragging myself around the place a good chunk of the time.

In other news Hillary gets 4 days off camp this weekend so she's coming here for the time. Her bus arrives at 6 am tomorrow morning, which means we will have to leave at 4 am, which means a 3 something wake up call. She's 20 years old and I still have to get up in the middle of the night for her.

Off now for Hospital visits in town and so on and so forth.

That's the news from the hot, quiet, dry field for now.

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  1. I used to have an old Ford Ranger truck with a broken gas gage. I can't tell you the amount of times my Dad would have to come and save me. But Dad's are great like that. She'll remember those times too! :)


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