Progress Report. From the Field.

It's July already, and it seems like life just continues along. This summer has felt different than most, probably because it's our first summer in The Field, and this summer in the field has been anything but normal for the field people, so I guess many things feel off this summer.

I'm not looking at a long time off this summer for a couple of reasons. One, we haven't been here a full year yet so it feels awkward and though the work has been busy and full, it feels like we need to do a bit more before we take the days off. I've been working hard to get our youth and families pastor on a sabbatical this summer and all things have come together for that to happen. The work has paid off and the process has been a good one too date. So while they are off for a couple of months, somebody should be around and that somebody should be me. We'll probably take a week off later in the summer, but this summer isn't the time to be taking off a whole four weeks at a time.

Thomas is back and has communicated that its good to be back home. Those were his words and they were good to hear. Micah returns tomorrow from a week in Prince Albert and he too is indicating that life back there has gone on and changed without him being there. Slowly but surely home is being shifted, at least for this time of our lives.

The church is doing well. Though there are some personal health struggles present in the community, the sense of anticipation of God at work here in this place continues to grow. The church is ready to reach out into this community to find ways to serve and love their neighbours. It's really very cool to see the excitement over planing a country fair for the community or to see the people excited about talking to their friends about what's happening at church these days. The number of young families continues to grow with new babies and new people checking out the place. There is a buzz and I hope it translates into life for those who are searching.

For me it's important that the worship times are times where God is present and active, and that in that "Incubator" God has room to meet with people. That's been happening more and more and though people don't often know how to give words to it, they are expressing it in real tangible ways. I am very pleased with the progress of this place.

And I'm pleased with the progress of my own connection with God. There are some things he's asked me to do out here in the field, and as I've done them I've begun to see a direct shift in the corporate things here as a result. In order to even hear those things my hearing has had to improve and it seems like it has been getting better. Perhaps it is the solitude of life out here that allows me to hear better, I don't know, but I do know that I've been knowing what to pray for and whom to pray it for much better since the move out here. And I love that I can do that for people. To be able to be still and quiet and to hear God's heart in moments of need, then to pray hard and then to ask the people what has been going on in their lives. It's been a great blessing to me to be able to carry people in this way.

So too then when they come for pastoral counseling or Spiritual Direction I feel like I have already been conversing about them with God, and the door to care for them is wide open. I think that The Field is some kind of retreat place for those who seek help. As well as care for these people of the field, I also get calls and emails from people who need to talk and need to be listened to, and prayed for. It's a grace to be able to live here and care for all these different people, near and far. I consider it a great gift to me, from someone who knows me better than I know myself.

And now I need to get to bed because tomorrow at 6:30 is early prayer and I shall have the coffee made well before then. If you are near or driving past around then, it's the guys early morning prayer time. Feel free to join us.


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