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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

  • Everybody in bed now. Up too late with the Vandersluyseses. #

  • Another day in the field #

  • I seem to be at Canadas Gospel Music celebration #

  • Home again after a five hour concert. It was really an enjoyably night. I was one of the youngest ones there. #

  • Ken Miller, Sask coach looks like a farmer. Maybe that's why he fits nicely in Sask. Go Riders. #

  • We made it to the mountains. #

  • Well, a very long and emotionally full day today. Glad to be alive, glad to hear God, and glad to make it into bed tonight. Night internets. #


  1. Ah, the old 'hitting a deer' game.

    Played that twice now. First time was a little Muntjack deer (miniature variety imported from Asia) with a Fiat Panda (miniature car imported from Italy). I hit it on a country bend at 70mph and the car rang like a kicked beercan. Second time was about 2 years ago with out Peugeot estate and a fully grown doe. That broke the radiator as well as doing bodywork damage.

    Glad you're unscathed, with no more than a little unexpected exercise of the adrenal gland.

  2. We came VERY close to hitting a deer last summer. I am sure the deer felt the wind through his tail hairs. I have never felt adrenaline quite like that. Thankfully we didn't swerve, just braked HARD at 100km/hr and managed to avoid a collision. Such a scary experience.


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