This week on Twitter 2009-07-29

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

  • The northern lights are amazing right now. #

  • The worst hospital chapel I've ever seen. #

  • Stick a fork in me cause I'm done. So. Hot. Everywhere. #

  • Is there anything as yellow? #

  • Still hot. #

  • Well, 9pm and its still 30C here. I'm thinking of melting except I'd have to clean up the mess I'd make. #

  • At a wedding with a window. #

  • Not even a cold shower helps in this heat. Laying here sweating in bed, and not in a good way. #

  • I love the New York in the movie Moonstruck. #

  • The vanderclan is with us for a couple nights. Good to see old friends again. #

  • Going out to supper at Ikea with friends. #

  • I am beyond tired. Up at 5, going all day, Im done. Goodnight internets. #

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